Four Things to Check Before Calling for Service

These steps may save you time, money and the hassle of going without air conditioning.

Have you ever had that moment of fear where you know something isn’t right with your air conditioner, but you’re almost too scared to find out? Is that HVAC service call going to cause inconvenience or about to cost money?

These steps may save you time, money and the hassle of going without air conditioning.

Check the power supply

Believe it or not, we get two or three calls from homeowners every year where we show up only to find out that the house and maybe even the whole neighborhood has no power. This is embarrassing and it causes some bad feelings when the service technician wants to collect payment for a service call just to say, “Call us back when the power comes on.”

Check the circuit breaker in the breaker box. Many people still call it a fuse box, but they haven’t used fuses in years.

If the breaker to your HVAC unit has been tripped, reset the breaker. However, keep in mind that circuit breakers trip for safety reasons and if the breaker trips again, an electrician should look into the problem. Often, the breaker isn’t the problem, it’s something in the wiring pulling more electricity than it should.

2. Have you checked the air filter?

The airflow to your A/C or heating unit is very important and air filters should be changed regularly. If they’re not changed regularly, the restriction of air can cause the A/C unit to malfunction.

3. Have you checked the thermostat?

Ensure the thermostat is switched on and if the thermostat display doesn’t light up, change the batteries.

4. Is the gas meter turned on with your local utility provider?

Here in the Range Cities, many homes use gas heat. For a gas furnace, the gas meter needs to be in place and your gas account active. Occasionally we find out that someone moves into a house, but has never called for gas service. This occurs mostly when someone moves from a warm climate where there is very little heat needed.