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The Daikin Difference

At Daikin, we are dedicated to the pursuit of comfort and exceeding our customers’ expectations by offering technologically innovative products and backing them up with outstanding limited warranties and expert, friendly service. Additionally, we have your comfort in mind when we develop every product. We work hard to innovate and make each Daikin system to be efficient, reliable and durable.

With Daikin residential air conditioning systems, you have control of your indoor environment. From heating and cooling to humidifying and ventilation, our full product range utilizes our unique heat pump and inverter technologies to maintain the proper balance of temperature, fresh air, and humidity for each living space all year round.

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Air Conditioners


When properly matched and installed, your ComfortNet™- compatible DX20VC Air Conditioner (Pictured to the left) offers up to 23 SEER high-efficiency performance. The higher the SEER, the greater the efficiency — and the lower the operating cost compared to lower SEER units. In many applications, the efficiency of your DX20VC can be enhanced by using it in conjunction with a Daikin brand gas furnace that includes a variable-speed blower motor. This unit features a powder-paint finish over heavy-gauge galvanized steel that provides premium durability and excellent UV protection.



Gas Furnaces


The Daikin brand DM96VE Multi-Speed, Multi-Position Gas Furnace (pictured right) features heavy-duty stainless-steel tubular heat exchanger and durable silicon nitride hot-surface ignition system. This furnace is run-tested for heating or combination heating/cooling applications. Not only will this furnace provide your family with years of reliable warmth in even the harshest winters, it will do so economically.



Air Handlers and Coils


When an air handler is being used with an air conditioner, outdoor units are connected to a cased coil using refrigerant piping. These cased coils sit securely on top of your furnace, which is generally found in your attic. When integrating with a heat pump, your outdoor unit uses a similar refrigerant piping that leads to an air handler with both a coil and blower assembly.


The Daikin brand DVPTC Multi -Position, Variable – Speed Air Handler (pictured left) is part of the ComfortNet™ family of communicating units and optimized for use with the chlorine-free refrigerant, R-410A. This unit’s ECM indoor blower motor allows for a soft start and stop, which offers a quiet, efficient operation and helps reduce the cold blast of air upon heating start-up.

Heat Pumps

Don’t let the name fool you. A heat pump, when matched with an air handler, is an excellent alternative for both heating and cooling your home. Just think of a heat pump as a heat transporter, extracting warm air from your home during the summer, and reversing operation to bring warm air in during the winter. Though it may be difficult to believe there’s enough warmth in outdoor air during the winter to heat your home, Daikin systems can actually deliver heat in conditions as low as -13 degrees Fahrenheit to keep you warm and toasty inside. However, in significantly colder climates, a supplemental heat source may be required.

A year-round home comfort solution, a heat pump and air handler system is particularly effective in moderate to warmer regions of the country, and does a fine job of maintaining comfortable indoor temperatures and humidity levels. It also offers the air filtration benefits inherent to forced-air systems, because air is pulled through an air filter. This removes airborne particles and results in cleaner, filtered air being redistributed to your home through air supply ductwork.

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