Your thermostat is the brains of your heating and cooling system in your home. Technology has made these once simple devices into a powerhouse of style, functionality and ultimate control. With today’s thermostats you have options like never before. Yes you can still have the simple thermostat that controls heat and cool modes but if your upgrading your HVAC system or your looking to control the energy usage in your home, you are going to want more control. Take a look at the following questions. The answers my help you not only control your homes temperature better but could even safe you money.

When myself or the family is gone to work or even on vacation, do we need to maintain the same temperatures as when we are there?

Simply put no you do not. Today’s thermostats have modes that can be programmed in just a few minutes that will control the temperature of the home while you are at work, vacation or even sleeping. This can be done for a week, day or even down to the hour if need be. By having this control and maintaining the temperature you can have the comfort while you are there and the energy savings while you are not.

What happens if my schedule changes? Do in need to change my thermostats programming?

Depending on how your schedule changes will depend on what you do with your thermostat. For example, if you take a day off and your are going to be home and you want the temperature to be the same as it is then you get home, all you need to do is place the system on hold by a simple press of a button and the thermostat will hold that temperature until the next event occurs based on the time that is programmed. This is just a simple answer to the question and there are several other ways of doing the same thing all based on what you need to be done.

I have a old thermostat. Can I upgrade it to a new one with a display and more features?

Yes you can. Thermostats are much like cars in the way of options. Today’s thermostats have bright digital displays, easy temperature readouts and modes for heating and cooling. They will hook up to just about any existing HVAC system. There are thermostats available that have programmable modes for day, night and weekend time settings, air circulation that works with air filtration systems systems, heat pumps and even WiFi connections so that you can control your homes temperature from your smart phone. No matter what your existing HVAC system is or what you want to do with it, there is a thermostat out there that will do it all for you.

I have a old mercury thermostat. Can I just throw it in the garbage?

No you can not. Thermostats that contain mercury need to be recycled at an authorized location. If you have one that you are replacing or have some laying around in the basement you can bring them here to Mesaba Heating & Air Conditioning. We are a authorized recycling location for mercury thermostats and we take them free of charge. For more information on Mercury visit the MPCA website by clicking here.

With all the options how do I know what is right for my home?

True there are several options and even more brands and prices. Ask yourself these questions:

Do I want to be able to control the temperature in my home with my smart phone or a programmed schedule?

Am I planning on getting new HVAC products in the near future or adding additional products like air purifiers to my existing system?

Do I just want something newer than what I have that is easier to read and set the temperature?

Do I want to know the humidity or control the humidity in my home?

If you said yes to any of these questions your next step is to do some research online or call us to speak with a Home Comfort Adviser. Because there are several options available a quick call to us could help you narrow down the field and help you find something faster that has just what you want. We also stock a selection of models ranging from the simple mode digital read outs, programmables and Wifi connected models.


Mesaba Heating & Air Conditioning takes pride in Thermostat Recycling. When our technicians install a new unit, they know the appropriate way to recycle it. Old thermostats often contain mercury, a well-known health hazard.

We are proud to keep the environment safe!